"Chuang-tzu theory" in the wind and awakened, different voices, there are sobbing sound, some like Guikulanghao, but also a pleasant pondered, "blows different", the wind stopped, no sound, dead. This free wind is so good. As the freedom to speak, others have nothing to say, you still have something to say, may be a manifestation of personality, perhaps a person to crazy, perhaps do not believe the emperor really wear a new challenge, or, is the sense of innovation Emmanuel A present. The number of teeth claws of the alternative, there is the number of "old fish jump wave thin Jiao dance," the poetic, indispensable to this freedom.
Others have nothing to say, perhaps after the hindsight, not as smart as you. Perhaps we are afraid of authority, such as the fairy tale to see the emperor's new clothes, well aware, do not want to sound, fool. Our nation, seems to be particularly fond of silence for gold, keep a low profile. According to the Arabs say, probably Laozhuang Confucius and Mencius philosophy, is the philosophy of the elderly, we pay attention to young people, and this. So, if asked for the truth, and even questioned, this personality highlight, is not afraid of authority, is "I love my teacher, but I love the truth" dedication. However, if the blindly asked and asked, for that, highlighting the personality, it became a publicity personality, is rebellious, is a strong youth hormone, is brush sense of existence, unconventional. Such people, and now more to go, the network can be seen everywhere on the keyboard frenzied knight. Many lectures, part of the question, more than a strange question, nothing, unintelligible, but pocketed the eye.

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